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What is Kestro?

Kestro is an upcoming one-stop music streaming platform for everything a fan needs to keep up with and support their favourite artists. We aim to create a cohesive and intuitive platform for true fans to interact with and stand out more to the artists they love while providing better sources of income to these artists.

How is Kestro different to other streaming platforms?

Kestro combines the worlds of social media and music streaming to provide a cohesive experience for both fans and artists. On Kestro, you can post about new music, chat with likeminded listeners, watch a music video, or access exclusive content from your favourite artists, all while listening to your playlist.

How does Kestro help me interact with my favourite artists?

With Kestro, you can comment on artists songs and posts, and share this content with your friends. You can message an artist directly and subscribe to an artist to not only receive exclusive content from that artist and stand out from the crowd as one of their supporters, but to help support that artist to make more of the music you love.

How does Kestro help artists?

Are you an artist wondering how Kestro can help you? Kestro gives artists an encapsulated platform to interact with their fans right where they listen to your music. As well as streaming music, fans can purchase an artist's track or album for a price that they specify above an artist-set minimum amount, tip an artist, and subscribe as a supporter to receive exclusive content from an artist for a monthly fee. Artists can also post to their followers and reply to comments to keep them updated on new music, WIPs, concerts, etc.

Kestro only takes a 10% cut for purchases as opposed to other music platforms which can take up to 30%+ of an artist's revenue. We don't want to take a huge chunk out of your back pocket.

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